Top 10 Trishul Tattoo Designs

I know you might searching for best Trishul tattoo designs, so here we got some trishul tattoo designs that you can design on hand, wrist, forearm or neck. Here we have shared tribal trishul tattoo designs.

Trishul Tattoo Designs

Hello, friends this Trishul tattoo collection for you, from this tattoo collection you can choose you favourite one trishul tattoo design. Here you can get small trishul tattoo designs to big tattoo designs.

#1 Trishul Tattoo with Om

om trishul tattoo

This kind of Trishul tattoo, anyone would make on right forearm, It has Trishul on top then Om as you see on Orange coloured and then Mahadeva written in Hindi and at the ent that sharp edge of trishul.

#2 Trishul Tattoo with Om [Tribal tattoo]

trishul tattoo

This is my favourite on Trishul tattoo, it is like made calligraphic and tribal art mixture. In this tattoo you can see Trishul made with small and large strokes of brushes and then we can see sharp designs below the trident and then there is Om tattoo over the Trishul with calligraphic strokes.

#3 Trishul tattoo [Forearm]

hand trishul tattoo

This one looks like sketched tattoo design but when you tattoo it! it will look too great. You can get this type of tattoo when you need sharp and small trishul tattoo design.

#4 Sketched style Trishul Tattoo

If you thought to make sketched style tattoo then this will be best from options. Here you can see Trishul like sketched and show drawn above it gives natural look to it. Then that Damru tattoo binded with red rope or cloth makes this tattoo realistic. As everyone needs Mahadev written, here we can see Har har Mahadev in tattoo.

#5 Trishul tattoo [Neck]

tribal trishul tattoo

This is one of the simple and best tribal shiva tattoo as I see. This tattoo covers both minimal and powerfull look. As the trident ends, there we can see eye like shape then trishul end made like Om. If you need small and simple trishul tattoo surely go for it!

#6 Trishul Shiva Tattoo

Want to get a tattoo that covers all Trishul, Om, Damru and Rudraksha. This is one of the great tattoo you can get, even this is written like Om Namah Shivay in Hindi. You can made this kind of tattoo in colored or tribal style.

#7 Trishul tatto with Damru & Om

If you think you need to get clear look and powerfull looking Shiva tattoo, the this will be a great tattoo. Here we see sharp tribal Trishul then eye covers in it after we Damru binded with rope that ends with Rudrakshaa. after the Om symbol in tribal tattoo design.

#8 Trishul tattoo with Rudraksha design with eye

If you are searching for the tattoo that can be colored and look mystical. This one is might made for those, who needs colored tattoo. Here we Trident then eye and at the end Rudraksha. All tattoo is covered with flowing energy. This things will make this tattoo one of the!

#9 Calligraphic style tribal Trishul Tattoo with eye

Calligraphic style strishul tattoo

Want to see my favourite one tattoo, then see above one. This one is the best combination of tribal and calligraphic style tattoo. I will go for this kind of tattoo, are you?

#10 Tribal Trishul Tattoo design with Snake

Trishul tattoo with snake

Last and best tattoo and even I like too. This is for those who need powerfull looking tattoo with patterns. Trishul with those patterns makes it great tribal tattoo ever and then Snake covers the trishul makes it mystical protection to that powerfull Trishul.

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Where we can make Trishul tattoo?

mainly we used to draw, Trishul tattoo design on right hand. specifically on forearm. Some people used to draw on tattoo on wrist, arm, neck.

Conclusion: You have seen some best Trishul tattoo, hope you like all the tattoos. We used to get only one tattoo right? If you like to get any tattoo from above, let us know by comment. which you like ths most!

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